American Roots


As we see efforts to redefine or remake America, what really is America?  To know where we are going, we need to know where we came from. 

We are going  to look at people and groups  that example what we are as “Americans”.

Rick Steber is a traditional American writer from the Old West.   Steber writes and speaks of how life was in the traditional west.  Check out his writings.


You know, I believe in

Gravel roads that never end

Old pickup trucks and spirited horses

Prowling around abandoned homesteads

Fast river rapids and slow back eddies

Leaky wooden boats with oarlocks that squeak

The sweet aroma of freshly turned hay

The bite of a cold wind off a frozen lake

Good books and reading to children

Stories old people tell

Hammocks in deep shade on a hot summer day

A full palette to paint sunrises and sunsets

Love, friendship, special dogs and good whiskey

Sleeping out under the stars, cooking over a campfire

Skinny dipping, making love on a blanket in the woods

And I believe in the little people who inhabit the forests

And try to keep from being trampled by the crush of civilization