Senate passes Burn Pit bill


In a major win for this nation’s veterans, the U.S. Senate has passed The Pact At, also known as the “Burn Pit” Bill.   

This would provide 180-Billion dollars in the next four years to help veterans who have developed cancer and other illnesses after the exposure to fumes from burn pits.  The pits were used in Iraq and Afghanistan to get rid of waste and included everthing from human feces to old tires.  

The bill was held up by a disagreement over the funding aspect.   The bill will now go to the House for it’s approval and then it’s on to President Biden, who is expected to sign it.   This is one of the few pieces of legislation that has enjoyed bipartisan support. 

It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of veterans burn pit claims had been rejected by the Veteran’s Administration.   If passed, this bill would allow those claims to be paid.   It also expands coverage for Agent Orange victims from the Vietnam era. 

Pastor Corey Brooks “Roof top” effort to help fight Chicago crime


A pastor in Chicago’s South Side is trying to raise 35 million dollars to build a large community center.  The plan is to give youth an alternative away from the gang life.   Destruction of the existing building is underway to prepare the way for a community Center.

Here is the website to find out more about Project Hood.  Click the link

click on this fox News story from a corporation that is donating.

Are we teaching our kids about America?

The future of America is at stake. Are we setting up our kids to fail?
Have you ever watched a man on the street interview were people are asked questions about America? Questions like who is the president, or how many stars are on the American flag, or what are the three branches of government.
We all have laughed hysterically at the answers.
Well. We are not laughing anymore.
Most young people today don’t have a clue as to the founding principles of America, or how many stars are on the flag.
Most people today only know who the president is because almost every talk show, newscast, or headlines starts with the high price of gas. The name Joe Biden keeps coming up…… due to massive media coverage on gas prices, they know Joe Biden is the president.
But let’s take a deeper dive here. Do young people know about American history, or government or even care. As we hear the cries of burn down America and start over, it makes us wonder if young people really know what makes American government tick in the first place.
Last night I watched an hour long webinar presentation hosted by Ashbrook Center at Ashland University based in Ashland, Ohio.
The topic was the quality of civics or American government teaching in this country’s schools.
It’s not good enough.
I will not identify the teachers by name due to the current acceptance in society to demonize those you don’t agree with. Some interesting thoughts.
1. Students know more about world history than American history.
2. Undergraduate training for teachers today in American history, civics and government is woefully inadequate.
3. Students are “spoon fed” facts from “thin” and “lifeless” textbooks that have been filtered by the “politically correct” editors of the day.
4. School districts are afraid to teach the real facts for fear of retribution from parents, public, or protesters.
5. Government teachers instruct from watered down textbooks that “suck the life” out of the subject matter, which then fails to engage the students who are bored to tears.
6. Teachers don’t know what the founding documents really state, they just hand out boring text books.
Is it any wonder our kids lack even the most basic grasp of the intent of the founding fathers, or how are government actually works?
The two teachers had some interesting ideas about how to engage students. They key is “engagement”. Don’t make them recite boring data and then spit it back out on a test. Get them interested.
One teacher used an example of giving a kids a “Lord of the Flys” lesson. Pretend they are on a deserted island and have to start their own government. How do they do that? What laws do they come up with. Make them think and discover on their own.
Start them on a journey of discovery and have them process and think about it for themselves.
They said the key is to promote disagreement without being disagreeable, in other words promote civility. And realize that “PERFECT FREEDOM IS NOT PERFECT LICENSE”.
How do you promote freedom but make it fair for everyone?
One teacher said treat students like adults; not like stupid, hopeless kids. Engage them, create a high bar of expectation. Use the founding documents as a teaching tool.
Teach directly from the Gettysburg Address, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Think about what was written and why.
His experience was that homeless kids and kids with hundred thousand dollar pickups can both learn if they are motivated to learn. Let them discover learning, make them think and not just recite facts and dates for a test.
Failure to get kids engaged in American government in the classroom will set the stage for citizens who are not engaged in real life.
Participation and engagement are key. Talk to them at their level and promote dialogue.
The future of America is at stake.

Let’s Be Kinder to Each Other


USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom

as we think about what’s going on in America,  in the world today all these shootings, all these mass instances of shooting, the vitriolic rhetoric,  the hatred and the Guile that’s being spewed out by our politicians, and by everybody with a microphone. 

it’s amping up this hatred and this vitriolic rhetoric aimed at one another. And that’s feeding this violence, 

Let’s dial it down. Let’s,  cool our jets here. And I’m not taking anything away from the shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. It’s terrible. We mourn with the community, we mourn with the families. But we have to do something as a nation to say, Okay, what do we need to do to get a handle on this hatred and violence that’s eating up our country? 

There’s a number of things we can do. I think one of the things is hold people accountable.

Number two, spend more money on mental health.

Number three, give the police the freedom and the support they need to do their jobs.

Number four people who commit crimes need to be held accountable.

In New York City, they did something called broken windows policing. If somebody did a minor crime, they put them in jail. As you put people in jail, they’re not committing more serious crimes. Violence. negative actions need to have bad consequences. And if they don’t, the bad actions continue.

But one of the things we need to do as a nation is to endeavor to treat one another kinder. We get on that on the news and the politicians are just targeting each other and and the President of the United States, every chance he get even goes overseas to criticize the Supreme Court, another branch of our federal government.

There’s no teamwork, there’s no unification, there’s no leadership, there’s no let’s come together together as Americans. We’re not seeing that in Washington, DC.

That’s one of the things that needs to happen. But we as Americans need to step up the kindness and treat one another better.

Our hope is that as we dial down this hatred and rhetoric, I think we’ll see this violence started to decrease. And our politicians, instead of being more concerned about the political posturing they’re doing, as they’re lobbying volleys at one another.

They need to dial it down. And they the country needs to see our leaders come together for the good of America.

As President John F. Kennedy once said, and he was a Democrat, and he said, let us endeavor not to do what is right for the Republicans…… let us endeavor not to do what is right for the Democrats. Let us endeavor to do what is right for America.

And that’s what we need to do. This is USA heartbeat, the pulse of freedom. We mourn with the people in Highland Park, Illinois, and we beseech Americans to treat one another Kinder


There is a move to divide America


USA heartbeat, the pulse of freedom.

Another shooting another day, this day is July 4, six people shot and killed by a rooftop shooter who will we shall not name. Part of the reason that people are doing things like this is to make themselves infamous and we’re not going to be a party to it.

There is just this move, to try to demonize Americans and put us against each other.

And to try to drive a wedge in this country, and we’re just not going to do it. We need to come together as Americans, we need to love one another. In the Bible, Jesus said, The world will know you, My disciples by the love you show one for another.

These are tough times in the world. We’re seeing mass shootings are starting to play out on the world stage, not just America. So we need to pray for America and pray for the world.

But as we pray, let’s also endeavor to be kinder one to another.

One of the things that’s amping up all this anger and rhetoric is fighting with each other. We’re having very verbal arguments all the time about everything. Let’s find ways to make peace one with another.

And, and that’s one thing we can do is just dial down the hatred. And let’s get along. We love America. We love this holiday and we are not going to let this tragedy take away of our love of America.

 just our opinion, USA heartbeat as we celebrate America and honor America on this Fourth of July 2022


the Future


what does the future hold for us as a nation? None of us know what the guarantee is. None of us know what the future is. But we know one thing.

We are determined to be Americans. As we look back at the history of America, we look at the Revolutionary Wars, we fought for independence, we look at the Civil War, when we fought against slavery and to keep a nation unified.

Look at World War Two in the battle against the Axis powers to fight for freedom for the planet. People that fought and died in those conflicts, didn’t know what the future held. They just had a dream and a quest and a desire to continue this thing called freedom to continue this quest called America. And so we are here today with another challenge.

Kind of the same fight really to keep the nation together. Only this time, it’s not bombs at a Harbor in Hawaii.

It’s word sometimes spoken by our own politicians. It’s word spoken by our own people, by Americans trying to divide the nation trying to create division in this United States of America, trying to burn it to the ground, as some would say.

But there is in our DNA, there’s this desire, this quest, this dream, this experiment called America.

And we will continue forward. Because freedom is worth the struggle. The United States of America, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all who call America home.

That is the dream. It’s been the dream for more than 240 years continues to be the dream today. And we will struggle and we will win this battle as well. Because down deep inside, everybody wants the same thing, Freedom.

Freedom for all. Our prayer is that Americans join together in this struggle in this ………..this quest for freedom and they realize that we may have different ways to get to the end result.

But we all want the same thing we all want freedom for all. We all want liberty and justice for all. Freedom is in our DNA freedom is the goal.

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence have existed for more than 240 years. The 10 amendments to the Constitution, our Bill of Rights, guaranteeing US citizens certain unalienable rights that the government must not take away because those are the rules.

Those are the Bill of Rights that is the constitution. So instead of burning the Constitution, let’s read it. And let’s affirm to live by its statutes.

let’s affirm to join together in this quest in this forward motion……. this forward movement towards a more perfect union, the United States of America, where the goal for all is freedom and justice for all.

As we celebrate this Independence Day, 2022 May God bless America.

This is USA heartbeat, the pulse of freedom

Where did America come from?

It’s time for a history lesson.  Who are we?  Where did we come from?  Where are we going?


Let us Endeavor to do what is right for America

This USA heartbeat, the pulse of freedom. I had a conversation today that I’m still thinking about now.
We all have these conversations. Which side are you on? Are you a liberal or conservative? Do you like Trump? Do you like Biden? Do you hate Trump? Do you hate Biden? Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Which side are you on?
Since we are in the era of identity politics, let me tell you what I identify as.
I identify as an American.
A red, white and blue, True Blue. I love this country, American. I am an American before I’m an a Republican. I’m an American before. I’m a Democrat.
Just so we get it out of the way. I’m a registered Republican, and I’m conservative. Okay. That may have offended some people. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.
But before I’m a Republican, I’m an American. Let’s rewind to one of my favorite speeches.
I love speeches, I love great speeches.
I love the speech of Winston Churchill, talking to Englanders during the Battle of Britain. I wish I could imitate Winston Churchill. He said…….We’ll fight in the fields. …..We’ll fight in the in the streets, but we will never surrender.
And Winston Churchill with that speech, galvanized England, and helped them survive the battle of Britain because they had a leader at number 10 Downing Street, that led the country.
in Ukraine today. Zelinsky is a leader. He’s there in the trenches with his people. He has been called a true “Churchillian” , by the way, he’s leading Ukraine through this onslaught that they’re facing from the Soviet Union.
So let’s talk about great men and great speeches.
And I’m going to talk about John F. Kennedy.
John F. Kennedy was a Democrat. And I’m holding him up as someone to be emulated. I may not have agreed with all of his politics, but I love the man’s leadership ability.
He was a statesman. He spoke and he spoke well, and he spoke eloquently, and he led the nation through the Cuban Missile Crisis.
And the speech I’m going to refer to right now is the speech where he said representatives in Washington, DC should not do what is good for the Republican Party. We should not do what is good for the Democratic Party, but We should do what is good for America.
Am I hearing that today? From Washington DC?
No. I’m not hearing Churchill style leadership from Washington DC, from anybody.
instead, I’m hearing polarizing politics. And there are times that it makes me want to puke.
Just being honest. I love speeches,….I like Churchill and I like Zelinski. Don’t give me a ride, give me ammunition. We’re going to save our country. We want to be self determining. We want to survive as a nation. Don’t give me a ride, give me ammo
John F. Kennedy said “let us not strive to do what’s right for the Republicans. Let us not strive to do what’s right for the Democrats. Let us strive to do what is right for America.”
So in identity politics, I identify as an American.
I love this country. Love it. I think it is the best opportunity we have for freedom and the guarantee of human civil rights on the planet today.
Have we made mistakes in America? Yes, we have.
Will we make more in the future? Yes, we will.
Will we strive to do better in the future yes, let’s endeavor together to do so as the United States of America.
I’m Dave Adams This is USA heartbeat and that’s what I think.

USA HEARTBEAT Editorial “America will survive”

USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom, what is it going to take to save America?
  I firmly believe in this, that Americans will save America. And why do I say that? Why do I feel that because I talk to Americans, I talk to people that, that really believe in the American dream.

Now I know some people are critical and say, does the American Dream exist anymore? I believe it does. America is still the best place in the planet where you can have a dream and ideal and go in and make it happen.

Without the government telling you what to do now, more and more and more, that’s becoming not the case. But bear with me. There are still people here that have a dream and desire and a goal and are willing to sacrifice for the good of the country now, not in a communist view.
But in the view of just helping people , Americans are, I think, the most generous people on the planet. In years past when there were natural disasters and hurricanes and floods and, and whatever, across the globe.

Everybody looked to America to come and bail them out. America is always the one that’s comes to everyone else’s aid. Why is that? It’s because we care. We’re generous at heart. We believe in freedom, the Lady Liberty at the harbor holding your torch up. This is the land of opportunity.
Ask yourself why is there a surge of immigration at America’s southern border? Why are they coming here? Why? If America is inherently evil and bad, why does so many people want to come here? It’s because of this American dream.

It’s because of the hope of freedom. You can be what you can be, you know, you’re limited just by your potential, you can do what you want to do. I still believe that can happen in America. Now, why do I believe that?

I believe that because of an Army nurse I met yesterday who had two Bronze Stars to her credit, who was a nurse. And she didn’t explain to me exactly what happened in combat, but they don’t give out bronze stars at Walmart. And she did that and still has certain injuries to this day, especially PTSD and brain injuries and so on and so forth. Because she put her life on the line to help and save others.

That is the America I know. And I love. And there are so many veterans that believe in this country. And there’s something that happens…… our heart quickens when we see the American flag, when we hear the national anthem played. There is just something about this thing called America, that Americans will come to the party and Americans will save America.

We’re not looking to the federal government. We’re not looking to politicians to solve our problems. Some ways they mess it up worse than before.
It will be Americans it will be the moms and dads and main street businesses and people in Main Street, grassroots America, they’re going to pull up their bootstraps. And they’re going to say we’re going to fix this. We’re going to fix this because why? Because we’re Americans, and we can do this. The Rosie the Riveters in this country will come to the party. And they will fix this. We believe in God, I believe I believe in God.

I don’t care what the Pew Research survey says when it says that most Americans don’t believe in God. I think there is a God. And I think the United States of America was founded on Christian principles, Judeo Christian principles. 

And that is what’s going to save America. That’s what I believe. And I believe that American Christians, fueled by God will save this country. I believe there are some tough times ahead of us. And I believe we’re going to come to the party. And I believe that we’re going to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, and with the help of God, and with the help of each other, we will get through $10 A gallon gas we will get through worker shortages, we will get through food shortages. Why? Because we can do this with God’s help. We can do this.