Crime in America is exploding


Crime is exploding in America.  What or who is at fault? Placement of blame depends on who  you ask.  Liberal media like the New York Times blames three things including police killings.   Conservative media blame prosecutors who refuse to file charges after police arrest criminals.

Former police officials are begging prosecutors to restore “broken windows” policing.  That is where cops arrest people for smaller crimes before they have a chance to commit bigger crimes.   We think the nation needs to do this.  We also need to address community issues driving young people to crime.   The destruction of the American family is a major part of the problem.  We all need to get some skin in the game on this. 

The national conversation is filled with people who are unwilling to listen to the other side in this discussion.  We think that’s a huge part of the problem and crime will continue on the rise until we all come to the table and have reasonable discussions.

A  latecomer to the LA mayor’s race wants to eliminate the police department.   see story



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