Editorial Nov 22 2022 Keep Hope in America


USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom. It is Tuesday, November 22 2022. We have Thanksgiving holiday coming up this Thursday. And every day we wake up and we watch the news. I’m a big fan of watching the news.

I like to know what’s going on. I have a background in news broadcasting going back about more than 35 years now, starting in September of 78.

So I like watching the news. I like the looking at the story selection. I liked looking at the reporting style, and I liked it, to hear with news media outlets are saying, concerned about the bias reporting that’s going on in news media today. But I digress. That’s not really what I want to talk about right now. What I want to talk about right now is the amount of really disturbing news that we’re hearing today.

The knifing murders in Moscow, Idaho are four students were murdered, the shooting at the nightclub reasonably that gay nightclub the FTX bankruptcy hearing coming up in the defrauding by cryptocurrency of this young man who is hiding out in Bermuda. There’s just so much going on there, right that out there in in the world and in our nation today. It can cause people to lose heart and lose hope in America can lose hope and humanity.

Because there’s just so much negativity out there. And the news is usually not extremely positive. But right now there’s just a tremendous amount of violence, a tremendous amount of deceit, and a crime. And it leaves one to think that humanity is doomed. And there is no hope. But I believe in God, I believe in the hope of Jesus Christ, I believe in people. I believe in this country. I believe in the dream that is America, that the American dream still exists. And what we need to realize is that all of this sensationalist crime horrific as it is does not represent everyone in America. True, there’s some very violent activity going on out there.

And I believe that the lack of authorities to hold people accountable, is driving high crime rates in our largest cities. And it’s starting to do fan out into the smaller cities, we need to get control of this crime problem in America. But I believe we as Americans should not lose heart and lose hope. The American dream is still alive, there are still millions of good people in America that want to do the right thing.

They just want to live in peace and want to help people. I believe Americans are tremendously generous. Today is giving Tuesday, I believe you’re gonna see a lot of people give to charities. Another problem in America today is the inflation at 40 year highs. Our politicians need to do something to reduce that inflation. Well, I can point fingers or say what we need to do to get that under control, we’ll leave that for other platforms. But here we believe that we need to get this crime problem under control. And we need to get inflation under control. But as we do that, as we talked about, that, we don’t want people to lose sight of the American dream, and to lose hope in America, and Americans, the people who live here, Americans are good people, generally.

They want to do the right thing. And as all of this negative news comes out, my hope and prayer is that it just not does not turn Americans negative. It does not cause everyone to just give up hope that tomorrow cannot be a better day. Let’s look for in America, ways to work together to make this a better country. Let’s work together. Let’s look for the good things in America. Let’s build on those. Let’s deal with the challenges we have in America, of which there are many. But let’s not lose hope of the fact that there are still organizations still groups out there that want to do the right thing that want to do good things for this country. So as we get closer to Thanksgiving holiday, don’t lose hope in America, and don’t lose hope in humanity. It’s still alive.

So good people out there. This is us a heartbeat of freedom. We love this country. We believe that the American ideal the American Dream is still alive today. Despite all of this violent, negative, discouraging news out there. Keep up in America