Editorial - Nov 24 2022 We Give Thanks

USA heartbeat, the pulse of freedom. It’s Thanksgiving Day, so much to be thankful for. Yes, we have challenges in America. But there’s a lot to be thankful for. We have a nation where freedom reigns. We have a nation where we’re free to worship God as we see fit.

We have a nation of godly people striving to do the right thing. Yes, we have some challenging people, and we have some challenges. But we have the framework of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, that in law, guarantees certain unalienable rights, those being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We have America. I believe America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth. There may be some that disagree with me. But on this day, on this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks for America. I give thanks for law enforcement. I give thanks for the military. I give thanks for great people who are doing good things in America.

For example, Pastor Corey Brooks trying to raise millions of dollars to build a youth center in Chicago to give youth an alternative to the gang lifestyle for programs like Habitat for Humanity, building homes to keep people out of the weather and give people the security of their own home. I give thanks for many programs, events.

Today, the grateful gobbler in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where before Thanksgiving Day, 1000s of people show up downtown and they have a run and walk to raise money to help the homeless. Cleveland has a turkey trot and many other organizations have Thanksgiving Day events to do worthy causes just come together as a community and do great things.

There’s a program we’re going to be talking about in the coming year that we continue to talk about called lemonade day. That is held one day a year. And several cities across America help kids run lemonade stands. And it teaches them how to run a business how to sell product, how to service customers, how to balance books, how to run a business, it’s lemonade Day More to come on that in the future.

But today Today, we just want to give thanks for the many organizations and many people and many freedoms we have in this country. We have the bill of rights, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble freedom to worship God as we see fit.

And as we continue to work on the challenges in America, Let us at least today give pause and thank God for the gift that is America. This is USA heartbeat, the pulse of freedom. We love America this day, and every day on Thanksgiving Day 2022