Editorial - Nov 27 2022 There is something about Freedom

USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom. I love freedom. I love America. And and one thing, I just hear me out. One thing that is very exciting to me is to see the protests that are going on in China, as people are protesting, protesting for the ouster of Gigi ping.

Because they want freedom. They want answers for a government and government that’s oppressive and authoritarian government, of which the dictator has appointed themselves dictator for life, and wants to have his way with the Chinese people.

The Chinese people are rebelling, and saying, We want freedom, we want a government that is somewhat accountable. And that’s a good thing to see. It’s a good thing to see people demand and demonstrate for freedom. Afghanistan, Iraq, people there are protesting against the government, when young women who don’t have their heads covered, die in police custody.

And there’s just this revulsion this, this, this inner core thing inside us that knows the difference between right and wrong, just doesn’t sound right. You know, people have the right to live.

And young people don’t just die of heart attacks in police custody. And so they go to the streets, and they protest and people around the world are supporting them. And we’re seeing that in the in the soccer championships right now in Qatar. And the government’s push back and say, well, that’s just the way we do business.

Well, the people in your country say otherwise. They’re wanting accountability. They’re wanting you to value life. And in Afghanistan, where they had a taste of Western democracy for 20 years, they know what it’s like some of those young people have grown up, knowing a taste of freedom.

And once you have a taste of that, it’s hard to go back. You’ll die for it. And they are and they will. But it’s exciting. To see these people get excited about freedom. It’s happened time and time and time again over history is that people fight for freedom.

We were created I believe in the image of God and there’s there is this core compass inside of us, I believe that we know the difference between right and wrong at our core. Over time as as bad things happen as we’re desensitized.

That may be dulled a bit. But I think down deep inside, there’s this this basic programming this basic software put there by God. Because we were created in the image of God and we know the basic difference between right and wrong. We know it, it’s built into our DNA. Unknown Speaker 3:16 It’s exciting to see people respond to that and say, I want freedom. I want freedom. It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing to see people demanded protest for it, fight for it. 

The World’s Greatest Generation the World War Two veterans fought and died and bled in terrible battles. Iwo Jima D Day are just two examples where we spilled precious American blood to fight for freedom. Freedom is worth fighting for. Governments need to be accountable. And it’s exciting. When people say we want freedom. We want accountability from our government. And we demand it. 

It’s also important for people to learn how to live at peace one with another. But when a government is an authoritarian of crap, when a government is authoritarian, and cracks down on its people and forces them to become slaves to the government machine. That’s when people will push back. We’ve seen it time and time again in history. We’re seeing it now China, the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan.

And we’re seeing it in America as people go to the polls and we’re seeing the Republicans gain ground we’re seeing them gain back the House of Reps. senators and we’re seeing what the Founding Fathers designed in our government.

It’s a checks and balance. We’re seeing the wisdom of what they did come into play and balance out a bit where the people rule. It’s representative democracy in America, and it’s a good thing. This is USA heartbeat. I’m Dave Adams and that’s what I think.