There is a move to divide America


USA heartbeat, the pulse of freedom.

Another shooting another day, this day is July 4, six people shot and killed by a rooftop shooter who will we shall not name. Part of the reason that people are doing things like this is to make themselves infamous and we’re not going to be a party to it.

There is just this move, to try to demonize Americans and put us against each other.

And to try to drive a wedge in this country, and we’re just not going to do it. We need to come together as Americans, we need to love one another. In the Bible, Jesus said, The world will know you, My disciples by the love you show one for another.

These are tough times in the world. We’re seeing mass shootings are starting to play out on the world stage, not just America. So we need to pray for America and pray for the world.

But as we pray, let’s also endeavor to be kinder one to another.

One of the things that’s amping up all this anger and rhetoric is fighting with each other. We’re having very verbal arguments all the time about everything. Let’s find ways to make peace one with another.

And, and that’s one thing we can do is just dial down the hatred. And let’s get along. We love America. We love this holiday and we are not going to let this tragedy take away of our love of America.

 just our opinion, USA heartbeat as we celebrate America and honor America on this Fourth of July 2022


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