Let us Endeavor to do what is right for America

This USA heartbeat, the pulse of freedom. I had a conversation today that I’m still thinking about now.
We all have these conversations. Which side are you on? Are you a liberal or conservative? Do you like Trump? Do you like Biden? Do you hate Trump? Do you hate Biden? Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Which side are you on?
Since we are in the era of identity politics, let me tell you what I identify as.
I identify as an American.
A red, white and blue, True Blue. I love this country, American. I am an American before I’m an a Republican. I’m an American before. I’m a Democrat.
Just so we get it out of the way. I’m a registered Republican, and I’m conservative. Okay. That may have offended some people. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.
But before I’m a Republican, I’m an American. Let’s rewind to one of my favorite speeches.
I love speeches, I love great speeches.
I love the speech of Winston Churchill, talking to Englanders during the Battle of Britain. I wish I could imitate Winston Churchill. He said…….We’ll fight in the fields. …..We’ll fight in the in the streets, but we will never surrender.
And Winston Churchill with that speech, galvanized England, and helped them survive the battle of Britain because they had a leader at number 10 Downing Street, that led the country.
in Ukraine today. Zelinsky is a leader. He’s there in the trenches with his people. He has been called a true “Churchillian” , by the way, he’s leading Ukraine through this onslaught that they’re facing from the Soviet Union.
So let’s talk about great men and great speeches.
And I’m going to talk about John F. Kennedy.
John F. Kennedy was a Democrat. And I’m holding him up as someone to be emulated. I may not have agreed with all of his politics, but I love the man’s leadership ability.
He was a statesman. He spoke and he spoke well, and he spoke eloquently, and he led the nation through the Cuban Missile Crisis.
And the speech I’m going to refer to right now is the speech where he said representatives in Washington, DC should not do what is good for the Republican Party. We should not do what is good for the Democratic Party, but We should do what is good for America.
Am I hearing that today? From Washington DC?
No. I’m not hearing Churchill style leadership from Washington DC, from anybody.
instead, I’m hearing polarizing politics. And there are times that it makes me want to puke.
Just being honest. I love speeches,….I like Churchill and I like Zelinski. Don’t give me a ride, give me ammunition. We’re going to save our country. We want to be self determining. We want to survive as a nation. Don’t give me a ride, give me ammo
John F. Kennedy said “let us not strive to do what’s right for the Republicans. Let us not strive to do what’s right for the Democrats. Let us strive to do what is right for America.”
So in identity politics, I identify as an American.
I love this country. Love it. I think it is the best opportunity we have for freedom and the guarantee of human civil rights on the planet today.
Have we made mistakes in America? Yes, we have.
Will we make more in the future? Yes, we will.
Will we strive to do better in the future yes, let’s endeavor together to do so as the United States of America.
I’m Dave Adams This is USA heartbeat and that’s what I think.

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