Thursday, September 29 2022. And the sun is up over Florida and it has been devastated by Hurricane Ian, we pray for the people of Florida, the people that are stranded in cars, the people that are on their roofs waiting for rescue.

We pray for support and help to the emergency responders. As they are responding to help people we pray for decreased loss of life. We’ve heard that there have been a few fatalities but we pray miraculously that people have been survived.

And we look forward to hearing stories of God’s provision and miracles in this disaster of hurricane II and in Florida. We pray for cooperation between the federal and state governments.

As First Responders rush to rescue people, we pray for the ministries we pray for the, for the first responders as they go to help people. It’s about prayer, and it’s about God and it’s about helping people right now, as we help those that have survived Hurricane Ian, we pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen.

It’s Thursday, September 29 2022. Let’s find ways to work together. Let’s find ways to honor God. And let’s move forward.