the Future


what does the future hold for us as a nation? None of us know what the guarantee is. None of us know what the future is. But we know one thing.

We are determined to be Americans. As we look back at the history of America, we look at the Revolutionary Wars, we fought for independence, we look at the Civil War, when we fought against slavery and to keep a nation unified.

Look at World War Two in the battle against the Axis powers to fight for freedom for the planet. People that fought and died in those conflicts, didn’t know what the future held. They just had a dream and a quest and a desire to continue this thing called freedom to continue this quest called America. And so we are here today with another challenge.

Kind of the same fight really to keep the nation together. Only this time, it’s not bombs at a Harbor in Hawaii.

It’s word sometimes spoken by our own politicians. It’s word spoken by our own people, by Americans trying to divide the nation trying to create division in this United States of America, trying to burn it to the ground, as some would say.

But there is in our DNA, there’s this desire, this quest, this dream, this experiment called America.

And we will continue forward. Because freedom is worth the struggle. The United States of America, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all who call America home.

That is the dream. It’s been the dream for more than 240 years continues to be the dream today. And we will struggle and we will win this battle as well. Because down deep inside, everybody wants the same thing, Freedom.

Freedom for all. Our prayer is that Americans join together in this struggle in this ………..this quest for freedom and they realize that we may have different ways to get to the end result.

But we all want the same thing we all want freedom for all. We all want liberty and justice for all. Freedom is in our DNA freedom is the goal.

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence have existed for more than 240 years. The 10 amendments to the Constitution, our Bill of Rights, guaranteeing US citizens certain unalienable rights that the government must not take away because those are the rules.

Those are the Bill of Rights that is the constitution. So instead of burning the Constitution, let’s read it. And let’s affirm to live by its statutes.

let’s affirm to join together in this quest in this forward motion……. this forward movement towards a more perfect union, the United States of America, where the goal for all is freedom and justice for all.

As we celebrate this Independence Day, 2022 May God bless America.

This is USA heartbeat, the pulse of freedom

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