USA HEARTBEAT Editorial “America will survive”

USA heartbeat the pulse of freedom, what is it going to take to save America?
  I firmly believe in this, that Americans will save America. And why do I say that? Why do I feel that because I talk to Americans, I talk to people that, that really believe in the American dream.

Now I know some people are critical and say, does the American Dream exist anymore? I believe it does. America is still the best place in the planet where you can have a dream and ideal and go in and make it happen.

Without the government telling you what to do now, more and more and more, that’s becoming not the case. But bear with me. There are still people here that have a dream and desire and a goal and are willing to sacrifice for the good of the country now, not in a communist view.
But in the view of just helping people , Americans are, I think, the most generous people on the planet. In years past when there were natural disasters and hurricanes and floods and, and whatever, across the globe.

Everybody looked to America to come and bail them out. America is always the one that’s comes to everyone else’s aid. Why is that? It’s because we care. We’re generous at heart. We believe in freedom, the Lady Liberty at the harbor holding your torch up. This is the land of opportunity.
Ask yourself why is there a surge of immigration at America’s southern border? Why are they coming here? Why? If America is inherently evil and bad, why does so many people want to come here? It’s because of this American dream.

It’s because of the hope of freedom. You can be what you can be, you know, you’re limited just by your potential, you can do what you want to do. I still believe that can happen in America. Now, why do I believe that?

I believe that because of an Army nurse I met yesterday who had two Bronze Stars to her credit, who was a nurse. And she didn’t explain to me exactly what happened in combat, but they don’t give out bronze stars at Walmart. And she did that and still has certain injuries to this day, especially PTSD and brain injuries and so on and so forth. Because she put her life on the line to help and save others.

That is the America I know. And I love. And there are so many veterans that believe in this country. And there’s something that happens…… our heart quickens when we see the American flag, when we hear the national anthem played. There is just something about this thing called America, that Americans will come to the party and Americans will save America.

We’re not looking to the federal government. We’re not looking to politicians to solve our problems. Some ways they mess it up worse than before.
It will be Americans it will be the moms and dads and main street businesses and people in Main Street, grassroots America, they’re going to pull up their bootstraps. And they’re going to say we’re going to fix this. We’re going to fix this because why? Because we’re Americans, and we can do this. The Rosie the Riveters in this country will come to the party. And they will fix this. We believe in God, I believe I believe in God.

I don’t care what the Pew Research survey says when it says that most Americans don’t believe in God. I think there is a God. And I think the United States of America was founded on Christian principles, Judeo Christian principles. 

And that is what’s going to save America. That’s what I believe. And I believe that American Christians, fueled by God will save this country. I believe there are some tough times ahead of us. And I believe we’re going to come to the party. And I believe that we’re going to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, and with the help of God, and with the help of each other, we will get through $10 A gallon gas we will get through worker shortages, we will get through food shortages. Why? Because we can do this with God’s help. We can do this.

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